October Events

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October 6th, 2068EventBattle of Artaxata: Lucullus averts the bad omen of this day by defeating Tigranes the Great of Armenia.
October 6th, 2007EventJason Lewis completes the first human-powered circumnavigation of the globe.
October 6th, 2002EventThe French oil tanker Limburg is bombed off Yemen.
October 6th, 2002EventOpus Dei founder Josemaria Escriva is canonized.
October 6th, 2000EventYugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic resigns.
October 6th, 1995Event51 Pegasi was discovered to be the first major star apart from the Sun to have a planet (and extrasolar planet) orbiting around it.
October 6th, 1987EventFiji becomes a republic.
October 6th, 1985EventPC Keith Blakelock is murdered as riots erupt in the Broadwater Farm suburb of London.
October 6th, 1981EventPresident of Egypt, Anwar al-Sadat is assassinated.
October 6th, 1979EventPope John Paul II becomes the first pontiff to visit the White House.

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