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October 25th, 2007EventThe first Airbus A380 passenger flight, operating for Singapore Airlines, with flight number SQ 380, flying scheduled service between Singapore and Sydney, Australia.
October 25th, 2004EventFidel Castro, Cuba s President, announces that transactions using the American Dollar will be banned by November 8.
October 25th, 1997EventAfter a brief civil war which has driven President Pascal Lissouba out of Brazzaville, Denis Sassou-Nguesso proclaims himself the President of the Republic of the Congo.
October 25th, 1996EventThe "Days of Action", the largest one day strike in Ontario, Canada s history, as over 250,000 protesters converged on the Ontario Legislature and attempted to shut-down Toronto, in protest to the Mike Harris government s budget cuts.
October 25th, 1995EventA commuter train slams into a school bus in Fox River Grove, Illinois, killing seven students.
October 25th, 1993EventJean Chretien becomes Prime Minister of Canada with a massive majority for his Liberal Party in a general election in which the governing Progressive Conservatives, led by Kim Campbell, lost 149 of 151 seats in the parliament.
October 25th, 1992EventLithuania holds a referendum on its first post-Soviet constitution.
October 25th, 1991EventHistory of Slovenia: Three months after the end of the Ten-Day War, the last soldier of the Yugoslav People s Army leaves the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.
October 25th, 1983EventOperation Urgent Fury: The United States and its Caribbean allies invade Grenada, six days after Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and several of his supporters were executed in a coup d etat.
October 25th, 1980EventProceedings on the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction conclude at The Hague.

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